The dungeon crawler powered by your Tweets!

Hashtag Dungeon is a rogue-like dungeon crawler that uses Twitter as its method of dungeon generation! Create dungeons yourself using our built-in dungeon editor and tweet your levels to the world, or venture through levels created by other players. Assume the role of a Dungeon Explorer or a Dungeon Master in order to create a unique dungeon crawling experience!


Buy Hashtag Dungeon Here!

Hashtag Dungeon is currently in it's early access alpha! You can buy it here via through Paypal.

We're in the process of getting the game onto other marketplaces. If you're looking to get the game on Steam then help us get through Greenlight! Anyone who has paid for the game via another marketplace will get a free Steam copy once we are through it!

Once you've bought it you'll get all the coming updates for free!

Current Downloadable Version: Alpha 1.0

How do you make a #Dungeon?

Our in game editor makes it super easy to make new dungeons to share with your friends on Twitter! There are even some secrets that you can learn about by playing about with the generated code on Twitter!

Cool People

" has now set about creating a room consisting of a smiley face with a bat for a nose. You are welcome, internet."

- Wired UK

"Hashtag Dungeon takes the gameplay of games like The Binding of Isaac, and combines it with the collaborate nature of the social gaming phenomenon of Twitch Plays Pokemon (well, kind of)."

- Gamazoid

"I was quite intrigued by #Dungeon even before sitting down to chat. Now that the interview's finished, I actually can't wait for the game to launch. It's clear that the two are incredibly passionate about what they do, and that this is a project they definitely want to see through to the end. They're exactly the kind of developers the industry needs."

- Inventorspot

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